Author Topic: My Playoff/2012 Nationals Team Hat  (Read 1487 times)

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Re: My Playoff/2012 Nationals Team Hat
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Unless I get a crapload of money, no. Knitting is pretty much impossible to make profitable. I probably put about 20-25 hours into this, not including the designing. Even at below minimum wage the price of the thing would be crazy. That is why I'm happy to give out the design for free.

You've never seen me knit (I can't).  That's why I was wondering about buying one.  :)    Take your idea to the Nationals and see if they'll give you a cut on the idea (uh oh I can hear "spider" logging on now.)    Let them "produce" them.   You sit back, make a few for personal use and gather a check per item based on how many they "produce"/sell  ...