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My Playoff/2012 Nationals Team Hat
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When I'm not being a Nats fan or full-time student, I'm an avid knitter. And about 2 weeks ago I thought I should combine my knitting love and Natitude, and I decided to make a 2012 Nationals team hat that I thought I'd show off.

Please excuse the poor quality of the photographs, the only camera I have is my cell-phone camera.

I don't have a picture of any human wearing it yet, so a broom will have to substitute  :lol:

The top of the hat.

More pictures, with a better view of the names:

As you can see, I put a lot of the team member's names on the hat. The names included were (in order of appearance, from bottom to top):
Row 1: Moore, Morse, Storen, LaRoche, Werth, Flores
Row 2: Zimmermann, Espinosa, Jackson, Strasburg
Row 3: Gorzelanny, Johnson, Tracy, Harper
Row 4: Detwiler, Mattheus, Stammen, DeRosa
Row 5: Suzuki, G. Gonzalez, Lannan, Desmond
Row 6: Clippard, M. Gonzalez, Bernadina, Bob & FP
Row 7: Lombardozzi, Zimmerman, Charlie & Dave

32 names total.

Feel free to play Where's Waldo at games and try to find me at games! I haven't gotten a chance to wear it to a game yet (it was way to hot yesterday) but I'm hoping the playoffs will be cooler. However I have gotten a lot of positive comments on the Metro while working on this baby, which encouraged me to show it off here.

Also, if any of you are knitters I'll be happy to write up the pattern for you. I still have the design charts.