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6 kids!  5 with fur!

Yeah... I swore that there would never be more than 2 cats in my house. I never used to like them, but Slim and Rocky have grown on me. Well my best friend has free range cats that live under his deck. They have kittens every few months, so he tries to find them homes. Well after taking my wife and son for a visit, my wife fell in love and the kittens played with the boy, so of course he was happy as the adult cats we have hide from him. Well, we were going to just get one of them, but then I decided that it would be better to get two so they would be playmates. So now I have 4 cats and two frickin' litter boxes. I hate litter boxes :lol:

Fortunately I don't have to put the dog on a leash. I hate having to do that. She listens pretty well and has never had an accident in the house. We do have to get her fixed this year though. She is about 5 years old or so fwiw.