Author Topic: Miggy and the triple crown.  (Read 1247 times)

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Re: Miggy and the triple crown.
« Reply #25: October 05, 2012, 03:33:15 PM »
houston - fixed the division reference.

Mitlen - look at the double plays. That's an awful lot of runs killed when you take another guy off the bases and hit into an out yourself.  Easier for your team to score if you simply K rather than DP.  DPs are the definition of unclutch / negative value.

As for average, it is close to a wash, and OPS+ tells you something about the rest of the slash line.  As for runs, you may say that Pujols hit 2 slots behind Trout, but Fielder hit directly behind Cabrera, and Avila wasn't a slouch, either.

Saying Cabrera was never much of a base stealer is like saying Tiny Archibald was never tall so don't count ignore the rebounding difference between him and Kareem when discussing MVP.  heck, I'm not even asking you to figure in how much Trout's running led to hitters after him getting more fastballs, pitches thrown from a slide step or a stretch (slower fastballs), and other stuff easier to hit.