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Re: Miggy and the triple crown.
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Higher average; 14 more HR's; 56 more RBI's  ...  SB  ...  nah ain't happenin' for me.    Cabrera never was a base stealer.    The real BS is claiming Trout is a rookie.    I'm not sayin' either one is MVP but I'll take Cabrera offensively over Trout this year.    My opinion only  ....

So the stat guys use a stat that's, how many runs can the team expect to score in this situation. Like if the bases are loaded with no outs, you expect more to score than if the bases are loaded with 2 outs. If the bases are loaded, no outs, and you hit a grand slam, then maybe you expected to be able to score 2 and the other 2 are gravy. But with bases loaded, 2 outs, you hit a grand slam, all 4 of those runs are gravy, pretty much.

Long story short, the stat geeks keep track of this. Miggy Cabrera generated 45 "bonus runs" that the Tigers shouldn't have expected to score, but scored cuz Miggy is awesome and insanely clutch.

Mike Trout generated 56.