Author Topic: Miggy and the triple crown.  (Read 1216 times)

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Re: Miggy and the triple crown.
« Reply #25: October 05, 2012, 03:05:41 PM »
You don't have to resort to saber stats to say Trout had a better year.  Just looks at traditional things like runs, double plays hit into, steals. 

                 AVG   HR    RBI   OPS    R    GDPs   SBs
Cabrera:   .330   44   139   .999  109    28       4
Trout:       .326    30     83  .963  129       7     49

Look at the runs Cabrera wiped off the bases with those GDPs.  FWIW, Trout beat Cabrera on OPS+, 171 to 166.  OPS+ is a park adjusted number.

And for those who say Cabrera had no one around him, have you seen what Austin Jackson all year at leadoff and Quintin Berry and Andy Dirks did once they settled on them as #2?  He had ducks on the pond all the time.   It's a farce to say that he lacked RBI opportunities.  Heck, Adrian Gonzalez was probably more efficient at knocking in runs (I'll leave someone else to chase down that stat).

Cabrera simply did not have as good an offensive year as Trout, and offense is the only basis for saying he had a better year.  Also, for those of you saying Detroit had a cruddy team around him, who was the consensus pick in the AL East Central before the start of the year?