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I don't see anyway they spend that kind of money on anyone

Liberty Media (I think that is who owns the Barves) probably won't go over 100 Mil, but lots of players high salaries will come off the books.  No more Derek Lowe. No more Chipper Jones. McCann has a 500 K club option. Huddy a 1 Mil club option.  Bourn walks.  Non-tender for Jurrjens.  This accounts for lots of money.

It's likely that the Braves lock up McCann.  Heyward is Arb eligible and will get a nice pay bump.  Prado bumps up decently as well.  I can see 15 Mil between those two right there and add maybe 10 for McCann.  When all is said and done, they probably free up close to 20-25 million in payroll, just enough for Hamilton.  I think they are stubborn enough to not attempt to get pitching since they put lots of stock in their "kids".  Kimbrel and Freeman are both pre-arb so their salaries don't jump too much.