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Re: Fightin' Words
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Let's do a run-down position by position:

1B. LaRoche>Freeman>Howard>Davis>Lee
2B. Espinosa>Uggla>Utley>Who plays for the Marlins (Solano?)> Who plays for the Mess(Turner or Murphy?)
SS. Desmond>Simmons>Tejada>Rollins>Some Marlin
3B. Wright>Zimmerman>Chipper>Frandsen>Some Marlin
LF.  Prado>Morse>Lomo>Juan Pierre(LOL)>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jason Bay
CF.  Harper>Bourn>Bonerfacio>Mayberry>Torres
RF.  Stanton>Heyward>Werth>Duda>Brown
C.  Ruiz>McCann>Ramos>Thole>Buck

Pitching probably has Starters best for Nats and RP is a wash between Braves and Nats.

IMO, Phillies have lots of holes to fix.  Ruf looks very good, but the league may figure him out.  Tons of power, bad defender.  Not going to move Howard, so in order to claim a spot, he needs to learn LF.