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Re: Cy Young Discussion on MLB Network
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If Gio doesn't win it, it'll be a travesty.

First of all Kershaw has 13 wins... gimme a freaking break.

Gio is right up there in ERA, K's, Wins, WHIP, BAA... top 10 in all of them (He's first in Wins and Batting Avg. against)
He has only allowed 9 HRs compared to 24 and 16 from Dickey and Kershaw.

But the real kicker here... Washington won their division. Dickey and Kershaw didn't make the playoffs.
I hope the voters aren't that dumb.

I'm an Iowa fan and this reminds me of 2008. Shonn Greene was the best running back in the nation. But all the ESPN and media pundits talked about was Knowshon Moreno, Beanie Wells, Javon Ringer... It seemed like he was getting hosed. But he ended up winning the Doak Walker award when it came down to the actual voting. I'm hoping something like that happens with Gio. Where the voters actually look at the evidence and make the right call. Dickey's had a heck of a year, but these awards go to guys who played for winners when the stats are close. And in this case they are. Also, who wants to see a knuckleballer win the Cy Young... ZZzzzzzzzz.