Author Topic: Who would you most have liked to see enjoy last night?  (Read 1567 times)

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Almost the same as my pops.  :clap:

It's actually kind of doubly special for me. My grandparents lived a half a mile from me, I their only grandchild. When he died, even though my grandmother was never into baseball, for her extreme love for me and remembrance of him... Even though I was in my mid 20s, every game I went to, 70+ in even 08 and 09, I would call her when I got to the game and got home. Every time, and she'd always ask if they won. She died two years ago exactly. The last time I ever saw her before she died? We watched the game Strasburg got injured in.

So sorry for bumming the thread out, but today's been kind of somber. Living so close and being their only grandchild, their final years, even though my grandmother wasn't a baseball fan, it kind of became the central part of our relationship. So yeah, here's for all the folks who lived and died in this area over the past four decades. This ones for all of you.

And for us around to see this? Take a moment to realize how lucky we are. There are 80 years worth of DC residents who never got to see what we will next week.