Author Topic: What Happens if One or Both Phillies Games are Rained Out?  (Read 1689 times)

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I assume they will have to stretch out the season and play them to determine the best record (vice the Reds) in the National League.

Thoughts?  Facts?

They'd have to play the matches since, at least as of the league tables as of this morning, these matches are still meaningful to the Nationals in terms of post-season seeding (vis-a-vis the Reds, as you state).

Chances of rain, per just now:

Today - 70% [it's raining outside my office window right now;'s hourly forecast currently sees precip chances in 50-60% range during normal match hours tonight]
Tomorrow - 60% [this has increased over the past couple of days - rules out doubleheader if rained out tonight?]
Thursday - 20%
Friday - nil