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Re: 2012 National League East Champions
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The very first rule of being a sports journalist is no cheering in the press box.

It is totally unprofessional. But who cares. It was likely Lorb and he stopped being a real journalist years ago.

Well, the first rule in the US and Canada, anyway. Apparently in the rest of the world it's very different (and of course I also know the relevance of that is zero when we're talking about a press box in DC). But you know, given the way the national media have gone out of their way to heap scorn upon DC baseball, DC baseball fans, etc.—I mean, hell, they nag and moan that the press box is up too high, is there ANYTHING these people won't whine about?—I think just about any rational person would shrug off "cheering in the press box" in this particular situation. The media in other cities are already looking for ways to denigrate the Nationals' season.

Funny how all those tired and stupid "Natinals" jokes have stopped, BTW! Speaking of which, I always found it hypocritical how "Natinals" was apparently such a funny thing for so many years when the following never got any play. Gee, the Nationals are SO unique in having had two misspelled jerseys: