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Re: Has it hit you yet?
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Somebody posted the following comment in response to Boswell's column. Hard to say it better.

Wait a second? You mean the Nats won the NL East? Can't be, as all of those "educated" fans of "real" baseball teams in "winning" cities told me in April that I was a rube to be excited about how the Nats were playing.

I was told to wait until the end of May, when the Nats would be back in last place. Then it was the All Star Break. Then I was scoffed at for "thinking" that being in 1st place in August meant anything. The experts told me to wait until Sepetmber, when the pressure got to the Nats and they shut Strasburg down. But wait, there was still time to choke because the Nats had to play the last two weeks of the season against contenders, while the Braves played the Mets/Marlins.

So the Nats couldn't have won the NL East, right?. Oh, ok, now I get it. What the experts meant to say is that the Nats will lose in the NLDS . And they will never contend again. Those a-holes have been right all year, haven't they? God, this is sweet.