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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 1
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THIS DAY WITH THE '05 OVERACHIEVERS: Nats lost at home to Philly last night and so did our ancestors of seven years back...Saturday 1st October 2005, an 8-4 loss...record now 81-80...


...and amid all this, the Phillies, a team left for dead most of the year, have quietly salvaged a .500 season (currently 81-79).


Last night's match rather nicely sums up our situation...even as the Nats clinched the division thanks to the Braves loss, they were getting clean-sheeted. With the exception of the handful who have had post-season experience elsewhere, these Nationals players have never faced playoff pitching (really crucial if we open against the Cardinals or Giants, the last two World Series champions)...unless our batters can step up their game, this one's going to be over with rather quickly.


All the same, good group in there last night (35,387, our best Monday turn-out of the season - season average now 29,872)...hadn't realised there would be a big celebration after the match (I'm completely new at in-person post-season baseball) but it was a work night so had to get the jump on the Metro (left after Desmond struck out and watched the rest on my way down).