Author Topic: Out of Town Nats Fans - anyone in Seattle?  (Read 712 times)

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Re: Out of Town Nats Fans - anyone in Seattle?
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Sebastian is a cool name. Gustavo is cooler.

I had actually voted for Alexander which is the coolest name in the world and my wife had suggested Ethan which is pretty lame.

The Gustavo nickname came up because some girl showed up at our doorstep asking for "Gustavo" and even though that's not my son's real name he recognized her and she actually squealed out "GUSTAVO!" when she saw him.  So my wife and I hypothesized that he's got a little harem going on because the girl down the street also has the hots for him.  Meanwhile the girl who moved away and comes back to visit every once in a while claims that she's going to marry him someday.  He's nine.  And the Gustavo thing happened when he was seven.

My son's awesome.

I think this conversation is going to get moved to uncensored.  :lol: