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Introduction & Thanks
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Hello Nats fans,

So I have been a lurker on this board since game #1 in April.  Although typically not a big baseball fan - I made the challenge this season to watch all 162 games for one team.  Since Im a big Redskins fan - I naturally picked the Nats.  What a great season it has been!  I have absorbed all of the talk and learned a TON about not only baseball in general - but this team as well.

As the first NL East Pennant in a long time is just about to be realized any day now (possibly tonight) - I thought I would stop in and say thanks to all of you here.  From the numerous informative discussions regarding almost every facet of the Nats imaginable - to the daily (and very creative) Game Day Threads... I have enjoyed learning from you all this season!

Without sounding completely cheesy (perhaps this is what they call "Pennant Fever"?) - just want to thank you all and formally cheer on the Nats to the WS.

Cheers. :w:

(I suspect there are many lurkers out there who have not much to say - but appreciate all of you who do share on this board). :clap: