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Re: 2013 Season Ticket Plans
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you will be able to buy opening day tickets on stubhub at a reasonable price. you could have gone to game one of the playoffs for 15 dollars on stubhub. if you dont want to do that, just pay attention to when people post the presales and stuff on here.

i dont even know why people get the partial plan. you can go to almost any game for literally 2 dollars on stubhub (maybe 5 after fees if you buy more than one ticket). that is true for here and many other teams. you can go the good games for like 10 or 15. baseball, even for good teams just has too many games and too many seats. its true for the yankees too. somebody somewhere will look to dump tickets on stubhub

you want playoff priority? f that. i had no priority and bought tickets from the nats no problem and then stubhub had the same or lower prices. the nats do not give nearly enough of a price break to make it worthwhile to buy any packages from them unless you dont care about money and want prime seats

you wont have to worry about dumping tickets or anything. just buy and go when you want on the day of the game

if you are worried about tickets getting too scarce like the caps, dont worry about it. the nats have twice the peak interest (based on record tv ratings) but more than five times thw number of regular season seats to sell