Author Topic: 2012 Great articles about the NATS  (Read 312 times)

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2012 Great articles about the NATS
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I know.  Its a broad topic.  But I've read a couple of articles that I really enjoyed!  Want to break out a separate thread?  Have at it!

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Nats are featured in NY Times Sports Sunday
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I opened my Sunday Times to see the Sports section leading with a picture of Davey in front of the "Nats Clinch" signs at Nats Park. Several articles linked here. Enjoy!

From Kevin Dowd's side-bar:

" The city fathers had agreed to build a new stadium for the Senators and the Redskins. Calvin Griffith, who blamed Griffith Stadium’s inner-city location for the attendance woes, said that the new home, in northeast Washington, would be no better. In 1978, at a Lions Club lunch in Minneapolis, the perfidy was explained in a blast of prejudice: he told the group that he had chosen to move the team to Minnesota “when I found out that you had only 15,000 blacks here.”

"On Oct. 26, 1960, the owners voted to let Griffith move the team. Still fearful of losing their antitrust exemption, they immediately awarded Washington an expansion team, a collection of the dregs of baseball. Did they actually think no one would care? The Minnesota Twins went to the World Series in 1965 with a core of players still encased in plastic in the binders in my closet. I cared."


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