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Re: Manny Acta out in Cleveland
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If you're trying to reference me, let me stop it before you look like a bigger tool.

I have NEVER said the Nats won't be a good team.  I've said time and again I am a Nats fan as well (however some less-than-brilliant people here can't seem to comprehend such information).

I said in the beginning that I liked Acta.  But I changed not long after that.  If you actually took the time to read, you'd see that.

this forum's discussion does not revolve around you, contrary to your seeming belief.

Who said that?   :rofl:

The day we fired Manny, there was a national sportswriter who went on twitter and blasted the Nationals for it. He said that we were clowns, incompetent, that Manny was a great manager and firing him was an example of why the Nationals would never field a good team.

I wish i could remember who it was.