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Re: Manny Acta out in Cleveland
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Thank the Lord almighty.

I may have been on his side in the beginning of the year, but as you may have read, I changed views in the middle of the year.  God almighty I've never seen such atrocity as a manager.

Sandy Alomar Jr. is now interim.  I'd like to see him get a chance at full time, but I'd also love to see Omar Vizquel as manager.

Next thing we need to do is fire Chris Antonetti - absolute bum for a GM; and Mark Shapiro - not a very good baseball executive.

And then Larry Dolan needs to sell the team.  WE NEED AN OWNER WITH A BRAIN.  I'd love to see Dan Gilbert or Mark Cuban as owner.

We desperately need a house cleaning.   And as much as I love seeing Chris Perez (very effective) and Shin-Soo Choo on the team, we need to trade them for prospects.