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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 3
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Honestly it all goes back to something I read before spring training 2011.  Just after I had complained that the Nats should go after every guy who has had arm trouble (Brandon Webb (yeesh) and Duchscherer (double yeesh) someone had posted something about the A's possibly letting Gio go around the deadline in 2011.  I looked into him and became hooked.  The deadline passed, and then came free agency.

As soon as the A's said they were making Gio available, I went ballistic because I wanted him on the Nats.  Low and behold right around Christmas I got my wish.  I was working in DC at the Newseum (I'm from New Jersey and do lots of travel for work) and noticed it on the way home while stuck in traffic on the BW Parkway.  I immediately called one of my best friends who is a Braves fan and we discussed rotations for at least an hour or so of that drive (ended up being 4 hours when it's normally 3).  I got a great Christmas gift.

I told that story (well the Christmas part) to Gio's mom.  She was pretty happy about it.  All they kept saying was "thank you for being such a huge fan of my son".  What great people!