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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 3
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Also there was a woman very obviously cheering for the Nats about two rows above me and maybe ten seats in.  She was calling out the ump behind the plate on balls that were obvious balls but still showed tons of passion and kept calling Gio "G".  I have never heard him called that before and now I know why, the person calling him G was his mom.  I met Gio's mom and dad!!!!!!!  They were awesome!  Very nice down to earth people who were happier that I was a fan of Gio's and showed him support even when he was struggling out there.  I couldn't be more impressed.

Then, (I know what you are thinking, THERE IS MORE?  This guy got lucky!) A player tossed a ball to Rizzo (I believe it was the Kratz strikeout and throw to LaRoche in 6th) and Rizzo gave it to me.  Then Gio's mom handed me her phone and told me to call her so Gio can sign the ball!

Luckily I've got work down in DC next Thursday, so I will go down Wednesday and take in the last game of the season and take Mrs. Gio up on the autograph offer!
Holy CRAP. That's an awesome experience! Really got your money's worth for that ticket ;)

Glad you got to do that. Got a great story to tell your friends :)