Author Topic: Nats Gala - so who's going?  (Read 496 times)

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Re: Nats Gala - so who's going?
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Any idea where the money collected goes?

To the Nationals Foundation, which is intended to promote and support youth baseball, primarily in underserved areas such as DC proper.  And in truth, the state of baseball in the nations' capital is pathetic.  Aside from Johnnymop3's private school successes, the public schools give practically no money for baseball programs.  There was a story last year about how one high school team didn't even have baseballs or enough gloves, but got a gift of balls from Cal Ripken's foundation to get them through the season.  Anyway, I cannot attest to the efficiency or effectiveness of the foundation, but the cause seems worthy and consistent with growing the roots of the franchise deep into Washington.