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Re: Ive been bullish all year, but...
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They just need a solid performace the rest of the weekend to be sitting pretty. 

As for last night, I'm nervous as hell by nature, but I feel like I saw solid postseason baseball with the exception of one guy.  Yeah, they're 2-2 so far on the home stand but Clippard might have caused both losses.  The good news is getting this out of the way now and establishing Storen as the closer in time for the playoffs might end up being a blessing.  I think if we see defense and pitching like we saw for 8 innings last night this team will be fine.

Between the Harper cannon to keep the Brewers from scoring (one gunning he runner at the plate), and Jackson getting out of a sticky late inning with the GIDP, that was solid playoff baseball.

But to really make it in Oct, the bats need to wake up and the closer situation needs to be solidified. Get that done and they have a damn good chance and a lot of Oct baseball.