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Re: Ive been bullish all year, but...
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If the Nats lose the division, I don't think they survive the wildcard game.

Right, I mean the way it is set up its a tossup.  two good teams going at at.....anything can happen, so its best to avoid that situation altogether.

We seem to really, really struggle against the elite least lately.  We also have been making mediocre guys look lights out.  I LOVE Davey....but another couple bad losses, and the Braves maybe getting it down to 3-4 games and I'd like to see a little more fire.  It's a young team that hasn;t been here before and I get his approach.  everything's okay, we're a great team.  But if we keep on this pace.....we're struggling to win games an dthis thing will tighten.  The pressure now will seem laughable.   

Might be time to acknowledge they're in a rough patch and get angry.  every team we play from here on out is in it and will be fighting for their lives.  And they're all veterean clubs that have been there before.