Author Topic: Out of state Nationals Die Hard... Anyone else got that Natitude?  (Read 763 times)

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I'm a diehard Expos fan that is now a Nats fan. I've never had the opportunity to see the Nats play in person. I live in Alberta and the nearest NL team to me is likely the Rockies or the Dodgers and that is a three hour flight (plus a two hour drive to the airport). I'm slightly closer to the Mariners as that becomes a 2.5 hour flight. At any rate, I am as big of a Nats fan as you can be out here. I don't post here that often, but even with my slowish internet I try and watch every Nats game on MLB.TV (my cable company doesn't offer Extra Innings).

When I finally make the trek to DC to see the Nats, I will proudly be sporting my Expos hat and a Nats jersey. I still believe the two are the same franchise, despite what the media and the majority of MLB reporters want to think.

You are welcome!

We think of the Nats as Washington's team, with special pain because MLB moved our Nats to Minneapolis in 1960, and moved the New Senators to someplace in Texas in 1971. I was happy to get a team again, but I still think MLB treated Monteal disgracefully. Too much like what had been donme to us. I think this team joins the heritage of the Expos to that of the old Nationals, sometimes called the Senators. I'm happy to think of Gary Carter catching a side-arm fastball from Walter Johnson.

It happens that Washington attracts's a magnetic city. The capital city was placed here because it was a few miles from George Washington's estate, and most of the land was just a swamp. It grew, and it grows on you: you are now part Washingtonian, with the right to call the town "The District" (of Columbia) or "Warshnin"...the local accent.

It's a city that drew and kept people from someplace else. Both of my grandfathers came to work for the street-car company. As I grew up in the late '50s and '60s, one of our neighbors was from the exotic state of North Dakota.

(By the way, my company just finished a job for Alberta Treasury Branches...if you see an ATB branch, you can think "Nats fans")