Author Topic: Out of state Nationals Die Hard... Anyone else got that Natitude?  (Read 607 times)

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I grew up in Canada as an expos fan.  Most everyone else was Blue Jays fans, but for some reason, the expos were my team since I was about 5.   Still upset of Steve Rogers being brought in as a reliever in 81...  Still heartbroken over the 94 season.  Pretty sad watching what was once a thriving team playing in front of a couple dozen fans, and being subject to the Puerto Rico years...  I remember watching a bunch of games in French, or joined on cbc in the 7th inning after national news.

 Moved to Richmond a year or two before the Nats came here, so almost feel like they followed me here.

I'm a diehard Expos fan that is now a Nats fan. I've never had the opportunity to see the Nats play in person. I live in Alberta and the nearest NL team to me is likely the Rockies or the Dodgers and that is a three hour flight (plus a two hour drive to the airport). I'm slightly closer to the Mariners as that becomes a 2.5 hour flight. At any rate, I am as big of a Nats fan as you can be out here. I don't post here that often, but even with my slowish internet I try and watch every Nats game on MLB.TV (my cable company doesn't offer Extra Innings).

When I finally make the trek to DC to see the Nats, I will proudly be sporting my Expos hat and a Nats jersey. I still believe the two are the same franchise, despite what the media and the majority of MLB reporters want to think.