Author Topic: Out of state Nationals Die Hard... Anyone else got that Natitude?  (Read 398 times)

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Great story Welch... Talking about Harmon Killebrew... My grandmother went to the 1969 All Star game in RFK (prior to me being born in 1975). She passed on my 30th birthday (just a month and nine days before baseball came back to RFK - I had a ticket for her for Opening Day), but when she left to a better place, she forgot to take the baseball with her that had signatures from Harmon Killebrew, Reggie Jackson, Brooks Robinson, Johnny Bench, and a couple other players from that game. That ball still sits in Manassas at my parents house in a vase with some other baseballs she left me. One day when I settle in a house again (the housing market in AZ was brutal to me), I'll have that stuff on full display.

Feels good waking up this morning knowing we're finally in the playoffs... Life is good!