Author Topic: Out of state Nationals Die Hard... Anyone else got that Natitude?  (Read 629 times)

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I was raised in Northern VA, but haven't lived in the area since 1993 when I left for the Navy. Heck, I used to write for the Journal Messenger when I lived in Manassas (was a sports writer prior to joining the Navy). Did six years on a submarine and then got out so I could attend USF for undergrad/football. Played ball in college after getting out of the Navy (hence my name on here - and the only thing I love more than the Nationals), but anxiously waited for the Nationals/Senators to get a team like everyone else on here - my grandmother would share stories with me about Walter Johnson prior to her passing. Might say my dad and I are pretty hardcore Nats fans (although I realize this board has its fair share as well). We spend each night they play going back and forth on the phone... thank God for the MLB package on both the net and DirecTv. I've had the package since the Nats came into existence and rarely miss a game - perks of being single (no BS from a chick during game time) and working out of a home office. What a great night... I'll never forget where I was when Storen smoked three Dodgers in a row!