Author Topic: Should Drew move back to permanent closer?  (Read 942 times)

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Re: Should Drew move back to permanent closer?
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"Davey wanted to get Clippard work given recent struggles. Wants to go with Storen for now. But Clippard has thrown well vs. LHH in Philly. "

Can we infer that Drew is the closer now?

Yes, and you get the Don Kauffman Award for proper use of "infer" rather than "imply". Mr Kauffman was my 11th grade American lit teacher at Northwestern, and later was appointed a sort of "master teacher" in PG County. Fun to mention his name, since teachers get so little recognition, and I learned more at Mount Rainier JHS and Northwestern HS (and at the PG Regional Library and DC Central Library) than I did at a famous college.