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Re: wiNatitude - The playoff celebration thread
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Can I root for the Reds to go 10-2 and finish at 101-61, and for the Nats to go 9-4, Win the Division, and finish 100-62 and take the second seed. That way, we know that we play the Giants and know where the NLDS start. If we get the #1 seed, we would have to wait til the end of the play in game to know where the NLDS would be played. So, right now, St. Louis would play at Atlanta in the Wild Card game, if St. Louis wins, then they'd fly back to St. Louis to host the 1st 2 NLDS games against the #1 seed. I'd rather fly to SF and have the days off to prepare.
Whatever works for you. I just want there to be separation.