Author Topic: Davey Johnson "The Face of the Nationals"  (Read 458 times)

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Re: Davey Johnson "The Face of the Nationals"
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"so I take one of my roommates, Darold Knowles,..."

The celebrity references in this article are amazing, but this one is my favorite.

A few years ago he was still coaching down in Florida.  I exchanged emails with a back office admin for the team, to settle a question raised on I think the MLB board (though could have been here, not sure).  Someone remembered Nats players working in the offseason in schools as substitute teachers to make a few extra $ (SAC) and that Darold was one of them, in a PG County School. 

Through the staffer he confirmed to me that he had worked in schools several offseasons as had other players, but he could not remember what schools or where they were.