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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 2
« Reply #400: September 15, 2012, 10:11:47 PM »
Which blown call are you talking about?

I can't remember because the Nats won, but I remember Braves fans being up in arms about a call I think during either the 2-2 split series with the blow out game or the series in Nats Park shortly after.

As for this being a winnable game, it was.  I don't think Mattheus is a bad pitcher.  He has been quite good all season and usually works out of those jams.  He just didn't have it tonight.  After two men got on, it should have been clear that he wasn't clicking tonight but hindsight is always 50-50.

Still in first place and still have time to pick it up.  It's not like the team is being blown out by clown teams (Astros, Cubs) so given the amount of time left, the Nats still have more games than the magic number so clinching shouldn't come down to the last game.

This team has a strong makeup and losses like this don't beat them down.  They have tons of resiliency and have shown it so I expect them to get back on the horse and play 110% for Gio tomorrow to get number 20.

Also, I'm glad Davey got tossed because if he didn't go out there, LaRoche would have been.  Jackson probably would have been tossed too, and I have to think that the home run he gave up was due to being pissed off and probably over pitching.