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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 2
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That blown call most certainly cost the Nats at least 1 run, which, of course, is how many runs the Nats lost by. but whether or not people think the umps cost the Nats the game is irrelevant. The ultimate outcome is not the primary concern here.

This is a pennant race. It is completely unacceptable for an umpire to blow a call in that manner. How do you determine from the exact wrong angle that he wasn't on the base? How do you NOT ask for help in that instance? How is it possible that you could blow a call so profoundly and think it would be ok with the players or the manager or anyone spending their hard earned money watching that disgraceful dreck? Where was the rest of your freaktard crew? How could they just sit there and watch you BLOW a call so blatantly?

The only thing that matters is getting the call right. That is the ONLY thing that matters. If you're not going to hire competent employees and hold them accountable, then get off your ass and get replay!

Pathetically incompetent ego maniacs. It's freaking sickening


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