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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 2
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You guys can complain about the umps all you want, but the truth is this game falls on the coaching staff.

First off, Davey should know better than to get tossed out of a game. He's supposed to be the one with old timey wisdom and guile. He should also know better than to argue with the ump. The only legit play he had was to ask the first base ump to consult with the home plate umpire to  ensure the call.

Second, McCatty came out one batter too late. Your pitcher is obviously angry and pitching on it. McCatty needed to come out and calm him down. Failure.

Third, Mattheus never should have been in that game. That's the second game that we've not used our best reliever available and it cost us the game.

And you're wrong on every account because you gloss over the making of an obvious blown call by the umpire from Marietta, GA.

That one play changed everything from that point on.  It's the rotten seed from which all the other rot bloomed.