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Re: Playoff Ticket Secondary Market Watch
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About 9:57 or 9:58. I always click a little early just in case the ticketing website's clock disagrees with the one on my PC. I never really know what time it is anymore, seems like there are so many damn clocks and they all disagree (heck, looking around in my office I see five—my PC's display, the Logitech Squeezebox Touch display, the fax machine, my iPhone if I turn it on, and my Kindle if I turn it on).

...that's nothing - in the 1970's British Customs at Heathrow airport nicked a man who tried to smuggle 300 watches in a lady's girdle round his waist. (He was a house painter disguised as a Catholic priest and drew additional time for that - Britain had, at least in those days, a law expressly criminalising getting into disguise with the intent of avoiding legal obligations such as customs duties.)

And even that pales before the load someone left in an airliner loo at roughly that same time - 988 watches and 3,000 watch movements. Some people will simply spare no expence in seeing to it that they truly have the correct time!