Author Topic: Has anyone bought a cheap Chinese jersey?  (Read 2952 times)

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Re: Has anyone bought a cheap Chinese jersey?
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^ The label was made in the USA.


How much are the ones that they make right there at the team store by centerfield gate? I would really like to get the blue patriotic one in Harper's number, but I've yet to see any. After getting burned on a shoddy one from china, I'm just going to take the hit and get a real one. Most places I see them are 250, is that pretty much the price across the board?

I don't know about getting it made at the park, but the prices online are:

$100 Replica Jersey :
$250 Authentic Jersey :

And since they're having a 25% off sale TODAY the jerseys are $75 and $190 respectively. I'd jump on that, I KNOW that's cheaper than they are at the park.