Author Topic: Has anyone bought a cheap Chinese jersey?  (Read 2918 times)

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Re: Has anyone bought a cheap Chinese jersey?
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Are any baseball jerseys NOT made in China? 

I know my jersey that I got from the MLB store says "Made in the USA"

The MLB online store is having 25% off your order today- so the Men's replica jerseys with no name on the back are $60, and the ones with names are $75 - but that's double the price of the knockoffs.

If you're looking for women's jerseys they're fine. They're cheaper than the men's (by $10-30) but come in WAY less variety - they only sell the home whites online. My jersey, with a discount, was $60 ish, and at that point it was cheap enough for me to pop for that then to go for a knockoff with possible quality problems.

Good luck - official jerseys are so damned expensive!