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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 2
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According to ESPN, Gorzelanny has inherited 12 runners and allowed 4 of them to score.

Ehh, not that bad I guess.  Weird, I had more confidence in him last year, but this year it's like throwing up the white flag.  I guess he doesn't have that "wow" factor that the other relievers do.  Mike Gonzalez throws pretty hard for a lefty.  Stammen has nasty the nasty sinker-slider combo.  Burnett has a deceptive delivery and lots of movement on ALL his pitches.  Clippard has the MOST deceptive delivery and has the crazy Change-Up.  Matheus has the Turbo-Sinker.  Christian Garcia has NASTY stuff.  Storen is just absolutely amazing with his Four Seam, Sinker, Slider (Wipeout!) and now his change.

Gorzy doesn't strike me to have that "X-Factor" pitch or style.

Oh yea, I almost forgot H-Rod.... :clown: