Author Topic: Where is Gio in the Cy Young running?  (Read 2270 times)

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Re: Where is Gio in the Cy Young running?
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I would pick Cueto, but after his All-Star snub, I wouldn't be so sure. If Gio finds a way to win NL pitcher of the month, I think he's looking pretty good. If the award were solely based upon individual performance, I think Dickey would win, but since team performance is such a major factor, I don't think his performance on 65-76 team would garner enough 1st place votes. Thank you, this is probably the longest post I have ever written.
Sad too because as much as I dislike the Mets I really think the fact that Dickey is having the kind of year he has had on such a bad team makes it all the more impressive.  I think in the end Dickey will deserve it no matter what but that doesn't mean he'll win it.