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I was working at the USDA building on the mall and remember meeting 2IPAs coming from L'Fant Plaza once the government closed.  We decided it appeared Metro was closed and we had to walk home.  So we headed for Pennsylvania Ave where we hoped to get to the Key Bridge.  There appeared to be people going into the subway at Federal Triangle, so we went in there.  People squeezed into the subway cars with precision like the Marines.  Everybody was helping each other as we all tried to get home to what we thought would be safety.  The subway ride was really amazing.
That's really crazy but cool.

I remember being in elementary school in Montreal, Canada when the teacher whispering started. The students were then informed about the attacks and we held a moment of silence. I remember my parents picking me up from school (we lived just a few blocks away - so this NEVER happened on a regular school day) and I asked my parents if my grandfather was working at either the WTC or the Pentagon, which was a no. Had some moments of silence at school the next day. It was all very confusing and saddening (I remember my younger brother just crying and crying...).

The September 11 exhibit at the Newseum in DC is great, and I highly recommend it. I visited it last summer when we saw that AAA let us get in at a discount. While I obviously knew about the incident I did not live in the US during the aftermath. It was hard to hold back tears after seeing footage of the attack, of the reporters and citizens fleeing and documenting what was happening. I had never seen any footage of the attack so I was just shocked.

Anyways, thank you to all the servicemen and women who served then and continue to serve now. We appreciate and are blessed by your support. And I pray for any of the victims and anyone affected by those attacks.

Thanks for the post CALSGR8