Author Topic: Is it too much to ask for this team to win a season against the Marlins?  (Read 1588 times)

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It would take a fairly colossal collapse for us not to win the division, and if that happens it won't much matter that we lost yesterday.  If we continue to play as we have the past month, we'll win it going away, but still, along the way we're going to lose anywhere from seven to 12 games.  Yesterday was as good a time as any for one of those losses.  As to the Brewers - the Cardinals certainly came here with a sense of urgency and we took three of four (and probably should have swept).  We're playing the Brewers here, and that makes a difference.  We should win that series. As to the Braves - sure, we'll lose two of three, so they'll gain one game.   Probably lose two of three to the Dodgers.    The Mets series is somewhat of a key: if we lose two to them then I'll start to worry.

But I think that had Davey pushed the panic button yesterday - we still would have lost, and we'd be worse off.   I think he knew, from the fifth inning, that it was a lost cause, and he gave some guys some rest.