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Re: Playoff rotation
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Bump again. 

Lannan may be 4th starter if we get the Barves

the Nationals are still considering Lannan.

“Yeah,” Johnson said before largely deflecting the question. “You’re asking questions that don’t need to be answered yet. We don’t even know who we’re playing, and it could be two series later. I’ll address that when it’s time to address it.”

Johnson wants to build his rotation based on the opponent, and the Braves feature a heavily left-handed lineup that includes Michael Bourn, Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman. Against left-handed starters this year, the Braves have gone 30-31, 17th in the majors. Against right-handers, they are 63-37, best in the majors.

Lannan also has a history of success against the Braves. This year, he allowed them two runs over seven dazzling innings in one start. In his career, he has a 3.20 ERA in 98 1/3 innings against the Braves.