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Re: Playoff rotation
« Reply #50: September 30, 2012, 11:55:11 AM »
Speculation about how to use Gio from Nationals Journal.  Gio's last start is scheduled for Tuesday.  Davey says he want Gio to pitch game 1.  If we do not beat out the Reds, then Game 1 will likely be Saturday in SF.  That  means pitching Gio on short rest.

The obvious answer is throw JZ game 1 and Gio game 2 in AT&T.  Per B-R, JZ has better career numbers v. SF than Gio.

Career v. SF
JZ:    .620 OPS, 4.71 K/BB, 3.19 ERA,  36.2 IP, 1.173 WHIP
Gio:  .750  OPS, 2.45 K/BB, 3.26 ERA, 30.1 IP, 1.418 WHIP

Career At AT&T
JZ:   .694 OPS, 3.00 K/BB, 3.86 ERA, 18.2 IP, 1.339 WHIP (.351 BABIP)
Gio: .814 OPS, 2.00 K/BB, 3.38 ERA, 18.2 IP, 1.500 WHIP (.315 BABIP)

At AT&T, JZ's ERA is a bit higher, but considering SF does very well v. LHP,  Gio would be on non-routine rest, and JZ's "luck" on balls in play probably had something to do with his ERA, it seems the most sensible thing would be to start JZ and throw him twice v. SF if needed for a game 5.  Either one could start the NLCS if we win the NLDS in less than 5 games.