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After meeting a talking briefly with Rizzo, GSW's post is farther from the truth.

1.  He is quite calm individual, but is also a super scout so he has a knack for trying to find talent.  He has to be headstrong to be a GM because that type of personality is the way to win over deals.  Just look at his past with the UberAgent Scott Boras.  Many teams avoid working with him, but Rizzo has enough gaul to be able to work out deals with the guy that aren't totally insane (based off of what the Nats have gotten out of Harper and Stras, those record contracts are very warranted and still good deals)

2.  Chad Tracy, Mark DeRosa, and as of next year Kurt Suzuki.  Given that no real free agents wanted to come to Washington before last season and especially before the Werth deal, Rizzo has made a bench suited to a big game manager's standard.

3.  This is a moot point by now.  We can argue all you want but I still stand by the eye test that those first two months of the season where Stras was virtually unhittable, we don't win those games with Wang, Lannan, or anyone else because we needed a true ace to go pitch a damn near perfect game because the offense would only score one or two runs a game.

4.  Lannan and Wang have been more than serviceable since the shut down.

5.  You are an idiot.