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Re: Playoff Roster
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We could do better: 

1) He is full of himself
2) Not very good at picking up bench players the last 2 years
3) Should have started Strasburg up in April in aaa,aa,or a ball, that way we could have him now
4) Didn't pickup any help in sept to replace Strasburg
5) Has a tight rope on Bob and FP (I don't think they can say what they are thinking)


Huh?  He's built a team that with five games remaining in the season has the best record in the game in a place that has never had a winning season.  That's going to get rewarded and it should.  He needs to be locked up for the next decade, not be strung out for year to year.

And for those that said he didn't get anyone to replace SS, he did.  He got Edwin Jackson in the offseason with the luxury of having him here all season.  That's a better pick up than anyone we could have found at the deadline that would have required trading away talent.