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Re: Playoff Roster
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We could do better: 

1) He is full of himself
2) Not very good at picking up bench players the last 2 years
3) Should have started Strasburg up in April in aaa,aa,or a ball, that way we could have him now
4) Didn't pickup any help in sept to replace Strasburg
5) Has a tight rope on Bob and FP (I don't think they can say what they are thinking)


1) that is not neccessarily a bad trait

2)True in 2011 but not true this year. Already resigned Tracy and they made a supersub out of Lombo. Bernadina is better off the bench than starting. Flores is a better back up than most.DeRosa may surprise in the play-offs

3) A ridicilous statement . What is the difference in innings thrown in minor league ball versus MLB

4) What is Lannan?He has pitched 4 good games and was no decisioned in his one bad outing

5) I don't the think mangerial reins extend to the broadcast team. You might want to look further up the ladder if that is fact because that is the provence of MASN . If it was a Dibble faux pas then ownership might exert pressure on MASN, under contract terms , to terminate an unacceptable employee .

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