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Re: Playoff Roster
« Topic Start: September 07, 2012, 05:16:33 PM »
Do you go 14 position players, 4 starters, and a 7 man bullpen, or do you go with 13 position players, 4 starters, and an 8 man bullpen?

I'd expect DeRosa to make it over Brown if they go with 14 position players.  It's not like we'd use Flores to pinch hit (if we wanted to, then Leon is in the mix ahead of Brown).  The regular bench has 2 reliable LH bench guys in Tracy and Bernie, a switch hitter who is better against lefties in Lombo, a catcher who will be glued to the bench, and just one righty bat in Moore.  To me, it looks like a multi-position veteran who bats righty would be the extra guy added, not a 6 or 7th outfielder.

I think Garcia is going to be on an audition for the role of an extra bullpen arm if they go with 8 relievers.  The other thing to look for is whether Lannan pushes Gorzo off the roster.  Those 3 are in competition for 1 or 2 bullpen slots.