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Re: Nationals vs Cubs, Game 3
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Exactly!   The SB Champs.     The Packers and Giants both ran the table in the playoffs.    So, they didn't have the best regular season record.  Big deal.  How anyone considers that "backing in" is just a R-----s sourgrapes fanboy.

So, the Cardinals "backed into" the WS last year?

Ask any, any, any professional athlete - would you rather win the most games or win the championship.
100% will say win the championship.
No one remembers who had the best record in 1969.

Just look at the NFL's motto:  Any.  Given.  Sunday.

The NFL regular season means nothing as long as you scrape up enough wins to get to the playoffs and you get your one shot.  The best team in footbal rarely wins the Super Bowl.

You're talking about Champions.  I'm talking about the best team.  In football, they're frequently dissimilar.