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Re: Nationals vs Cubs, Game 1
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Well?   What was the other one?   :)    Who was on that '52 team?

THE Bucky Harris managed...third stretch going back to 1924. Mickey Vernon, Pete Runnels, Eddie Yost, Jackie Jensen, and Jim Busby starred. Jensen was traded to Boston a year or two later, and became an AL All-Star over and over. Runnels was a solid .300 hitter. Vernon won his second AL batting title the next year. Yost had about a .400 OB % for his entire 20 year career...had such a good eye that umpires tended to let Yost call close pitches. If Yost took the pitch, it was probably a ball. Busby was an ordinary hitter, but very smooth fielder in the giant-sized Griffith Stadium CF.

I was only 4...didn't start collecting baseball cards until ' on my block taught ourselves to read from the back of the cards.

About '54. Calvin Griffith took day-to-day control of the Nats. My dad thought Calvin was cheap and stupid...replaced Bucky with Chuck Dressen, who won a lot of games with Breooklyn, but, unfortunately, did not bring Jackie Robinson, Duke Snyder, and Roy Campanella. Calvin G. seems to have been dumping salary all through the '50s. Might have been building a farm system, which the team had never really had. That all led to the Griffith team winning the pennant in 1965, but they were the Twins by then.